Dear friends!

Thank you for supporting the WELT2000 project in the past. This page is about the project's future.

The mission of WELT2000 is to provide the airsports community with accurate and reliable airport data. It is made by airsportsmen for airsportsmen. After the project launch in the early 1990s there were no alternatives to WELT2000 for a long time.

Some time ago another project - the Open Flight Maps project - was founded "to develop and maintain a universal database of aeronautical data, in order to facilitate the rendering of high quality VFR maps to assist the general aviation community". Naturally airport data is part of that project.

We believe that most community members of both, the WELT2000 and the Open Flight Maps project, love flying more than maintaining databases. Even though database maintenance is important, it does not make sense to have two similar projects at the same time. Moreover, we are convinced that "better is the enemy of good" and indeed the Open Flight Maps project is more advanced in terms of data model, tools, and productions. Hence we decided to finalize the WELT2000 project!

You are kindly asked to check the Open Flight Maps website if the regions you are interested in are covered: If so, please contribute to the Open Flight Maps project and use its products. If not, contact the Open Flight Maps team and let them know about your interest. In most cases data is almost ready for publications but is lacking contributors.

Keep on contributing! :-)

the WELT2000 Project Team