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Revival of the German Gliding Forum - The German Soaring Booster Club takes over forum content and plans relaunch with new design and additional functions
The German Gliding Forum is not only an exchange medium for glider pilots from the German-speaking countries and beyond, but also an immense accumulation of knowledge and know-how. In June 2023 the Gliding Forum was taken offline due to personal reasons of the operator. The forum contents seemed to be irretrievably lost. Fortunately, the German Soaring Booster Club "Förderverein Segelflug e.V." succeeded in taking over the forum content and thus preserving it for the gliding community.
The forum is to be made accessible to the general public again. Work is currently underway to transfer the forum content to a new server. In this course a migration of the data to a more current PHP version is necessary. As soon as this work is finished, the forum will be available again in a new design and equipped with new functionalities.
Unfortunately, the active team of moderators has shrunk over the years and the moderation was finally only on a few shoulders. As long as no sufficient support for the moderation is found, we would like to activate the forum with read-only access. For this we ask for your understanding. If you are willing to contribute to the quality of the forum in the future, we would be happy if you apply as a moderator.
As before, the forum will only be readable for registered users. As in the past, new forum users will only be activated after a check and, if necessary, a verification. It is planned to enable verification via already existing accounts of WeGlide or Vereinsflieger. It is planned to mark forum contributions with a special relevance (e.g. technical tips) and to transfer them into a knowledge database.