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Motivation & Goal
The Förderverein Segelflug e.V. (the German Soaring Booster Club) is committed to the comprehensive promotion of gliding in all its facets on a national level. Our main goal is to generate financial resources through memberships, grants and sponsorships to support gliding nationwide and to close funding gaps. We strive to incorporate existing as well as new and innovative concepts to provide a unified platform for a variety of support opportunities. Furthermore, we are convinced that a joint support is more effective and sustainable in order to save resources at the same time. Through our activities we want to promote gliding as a fascinating and environmentally friendly sport more intensively, as well as contribute to its preservation for future generations. We are convinced that gliding offers a valuable and unique experience that should be preserved.  
A principle worth emphasizing is the political independence of the booster club. Consistent neutrality ensures that the promotion of gliding is in the foreground and that no conflicts of interest arise. Transparency is another important element. Great importance is attached to ensuring that all activities, decisions and financing are fully comprehensible to members, supporters and sponsors. This creates trust and strengthens the acceptance of the sponsoring association.

The booster club provides a platform where supporters and sponsors can implement projects and ideas in the sport of gliding. The focus is on comprehensive support that is not limited to a specific concept or target group. Rather, the association strives to develop and support promotional measures for all areas of the sport of gliding. Club measures up to the top of the popular sport shall be promoted as well as individualists in the competitive sport. Certainly, the generation of young talents and their promotion will be supported by specific measures and projects in order to secure the continuity of our sport in the long term. Another main focus will be on a profound and sustainable safety culture. In order to create access to our sport for people with disabilities, the booster club will also be involved in inclusion measures.