Legal Terms

Terms of Use

The WELT2000 database is made available under the Open Database License (ODbL) 1.0. Amongst other things this means:

For the database you are permitted:

provided that you agree:

NOTE: The above text is not the entire license text; rather it is a summary of the most important points reduced to a form understandable by normal mortals. Please also read the complete text.

Call for Contributions

The WELT2000 project relies on contributions. Therefore you should advertise WELT2000 wherever possible.

As an extension to the Terms of Use as formulated in ODbL you must call for contributions when you redistribute the database (whether whole or in part) or create your own product with it or extend the dabase contents.

Hence at the places where ODbL has a reference to the license text or requires the inclusion of the same you must include a reference to the WELT2000 website, together with a call to contribute.

Contains information from the WELT2000 Database and is made available here under the terms of the Open Database Licence . Contribute to the WELT2000 Project!

Official Aviation Publications

The use of the current publications from the relevant aviation authorities is a part of the responsibities of an aviator. WELT2000 only serves as a support during the preparation of and whilst carring out flights. It must be seen as an addition to the official publications. The WELT2000 database is no subsitute for the latter.