There are several ways to contribute to the WELT2000 project.

You are a Pilot or Airfield-Operator?

Examine the information for the airfields and out-landing sites with which you are familiar. Are they faulty? Is information missing? If the answer is "yes" then you should make a Contribution to the Database.

You are Responsible for a Website?

Integrate our RSS-Feed "WELT2000-Updates" into your site. By doing this you are advertising the project and offer your visitors a practical service. All relevant information is on the RSS-page.

You Have Ideas, Criticism, Wishes?

We welcome all feedback since this proves to us that we serve a purpose with this project. Contact

You Have Some Spare Cash Available?

Sponsor the site! The WELT2000 website is hosted free of charge by this platform - however the platform itself incurs costs. The and WELT2000 work entirely voluntarily. Contacts