Like Dädalus and Ikarus, Stehle & Helmut took their first flying lesson on the 19. July 1969 in a Rhönlerche at Quakenbrück Gliderport in Northern Germany.

Only one day later Neil Armstrong landet on the moon.

Both of us soloed in this two week training camp.

Winch tows up to 200 meters were just enough to fly a pattern, sometimes enough to fly a 360.
Each minute in the air counted. With her first flight in the single seater Ka8 Stehle managed
to catch a thermal and stayed in the air for 52 minutes!
Her flight instructor Günter Hawickhorst was supervising her first C-Badge flight.

Back in Munich they joined the Aeroclub Freising and flew at the Lange Haken Gliderport
where they got their private glider pilot license. Helmut was checked out on the Ka6!

We never use the gun in anger
We always drive the same direction.

NASA testpilot Einar Enevolson gave Stehle a basic introduction on the F15 Eagle
at Edwards Airforce Base in California.

On 26. January 1988 Hauptman Hans Müller is briefing Stehle for her first jet flight
on Fürstenfeldbruck Air Base.

Nothing can hold Stehle back. Ready for Boarding!
The certificate shows: Stehle has successfully qualified as alphajet pilot!

Stehle and Helmut flew 13 World Records (Stehle 11 and Helmut 2) and about 30 German National Records and 5 US State Records in Soaring.

Stehle in her Eskimo Outfit with her Offical Observer Tom Stowers after her Altidue Record flight of 10245 Meter maximum altitude and 8444 Meter altidue gain on 3. Juni 1988 in Minden, Nevada. During that flight the ignition boxes of her DG400 got frozen!
She earned 2 new world records!